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  • Squid Game keychain

    A fan of squid game ? Buy this carefully crafted, keychain for yourself or for a fan you know. This figurine is of excellent quality. It can also be used as an ornament, a backpack ring, a pendant etc.

    Dimensions: 5cm by 3cm
    Options: Square | Triangle | Circle

  • Silent Wireless Mouse

    This noiseless wireless mouse is so sleek, ergonomically designed and fashionable. It has smart power saving mode which means that it goes off automatically when not in use but still has a physical power button to avoid accidental touch. It has three DPI levels (800/1300/1600) switchable with a button at the top.

    Available Colors: Black | Grey | Red
    Does not come in original box (Only comes in KoolStuff packaging)

  • 5,000.00

    There are so many reasons to own this mouse. Stop stressing about buying batteries for your wireless mouse. This mouse can be charged with USB cable (included) while you’re using it. It is also silent, work without disturbing others. The LED backlit breathing feature is also very kool. People are sure to ask you where you got this and you know what to say right ?

    Available Colours: Metallic Silver, Black, White and Rose

  • 28,000.00

    Portable, Black, 250GB ZSlim External Solid State Drive. Use as external storage for your important documents, media files or for your android box, Xbox, Playstation etc. Comes with leather jacket. Solid State is the way to go for speed and security. This is an awesome gift idea for anyone.

    Comes in sealed original Netac packaging
    Comes with FREE 32GB Flash Drive

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